Rajesh Vaishnav Das

Rajesh Vaishnav Das born in 1959 in Udaipur is the son of late Shri Mannalalji who was a lead kirtankar (singer of devotional songs and chants) at Jagdish temple in the city. More interested in painting and singing since childhood, he did not pursue formal education post high school.The paintings of Lord Jagadish and other icons at the temple have been an incessant source of inspiration for the artist. Encouraged by the divine spirit and guided by master artists Ghasiram ji , Narayan ji, and Dwarkalal ji of Nathdwara he has created a series of paintings featuring gods and goddesses and narratives associated with them. Besides painting with natural pigments and in miniature style, he also works in watercolour paintings and sanjhi while continuing with his singing and service at the temple.The artist lives and works in Udaipur.

Rajesh Vaishnav Das art works