Harsha Vardhana Swaminathan

Born in 1958, Harsha Vardhana Swaminathan did his post-graduation in Biological Sciences from Birla Institute of Technology and Science, Pilani followed by a diploma in Business Management, which earned him a job in the corporate world. The self-taught, compulsive artist though, soon left a lucrative career to pursue his passion for art, which seemed natural, given his upbringing amidst art and artists as the son of the late master painter Jagdish Swaminathan. Harsha, for whom a play of colour and the palette are most significant, paints on both paper and canvas, in a clear abstract oeuvre. Textured geometrical figures and inverted triangles are common in most of his work, which suggest an influence of tribal art and symbols of Ying and Yang and add a distinct appeal to his art. The artist is a recipient of the prestigious Raza Award and has held several solo and group shows at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Singapore, Hong Kong and Brussels, amongst others. He has also participated in significant international events such as the Bharat Bhavan Biennial of Contemporary Indian Art at Bhopal, First Biennial of Contemporary Art in Romania, Post Modern Indian Art USA, and several International artists’ camps. The artist lives in Delhi and works from his studio at home.

Harsha Vardhana Swaminathan art works