Arijoy Bhattacharya

Arijoy Bhattacharya, born in 1986 at Delhi, did his graduation in Painting from the College of Art, New Delhi and then studied at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. The young artist, son of illustrious painter Sanjay Bhattacharyya, carries the enigmatic aura of a multitalented creative individual – a painter and a poet and a musician. Brilliant at drawing, he features stylized forms and animals in his compositions. Working in pen, pencil, watercolours and acrylic, he is known to impart a tantric aspect to his art. It appears to explore human mindscape and mythology with imprints of scientific templates and ancient iconography. It suggests classical and folk art traditions of India on the one hand and contemporary reality on the other. His work has already featured in seminal exhibitions held at Delhi and in London and is making its way into collections around the country and abroad. Arijoy lives and works in New Delhi.

Arijoy Bhattacharya art works