Narsimhulu also known as Narsimhulu S comes from Kalahasti village located near the famous Srikalahasti Temple in Andhra Pradesh. Known for his colourful imagery drawn skilfully in details and with fine lines covering the whole surface, his art unfolds elaborate imagery of gods and goddesses. The work involves several stages of production from resist dyeing to sketching and then hand painting. It requires skill and experience. His paintings featuring religious imagery are used as scrolls, wall hangings, bedspreads, and sarees in both silk and cotton. Mythology and the Shiva, Tirupati and other temples in the vicinity, are the main sources of inspiration for the artist, whose speaking hands have also painted some murals, featuring Tree of Life motifs. He lives in his ancestral home and continues to practice the art form as a family occupation.

Narsimhulu art works