Jitendra Dangi

Jitendra Dangi born in 1979 studied microbiology and fine art both from Barakatullah University in Bhopal. His colourful imagery is filled up with intricate work entailing stories within stories. The imagery appears in a mix of the sublime and the spiritual with the erotic and the profane. The artist’s imagination takes familiar icons and narratives onto another plane in a lavish use of reds and other colours. Winner of an award from Kala Parishad in Bhopal, his work has been exhibited in shows held at Delhi, Bhopal, Thane, Jabalpur, Mumbai, Amritsar, Allahabad and Ujjain. It is part of the collections at Bharat Bhawan and Archaeology Department both in Bhopal, and at the National Science Centre in Delhi. The artist lives and works in Bhopal.

Jitendra Dangi art works