Anant Kumar Mishra

Born in 1983 in Bihar, Anant Kumar Mishra has received his Bachelor’s and Master’s degrees in Fine Arts from the College of Art in New Delhi. Mythological characters and narratives based on his readings of scriptures are given an artistic makeover. His compositions are inundated with refracted caricatures with disproportionate limbs and evoke impressions of the extraterrestrial and science fiction. Set amidst bizarre situations or awkward moments, his distorted imagery unveils layers that cloak personalities. The portrayal conjures up an otherworldly surrealist imagery. Felicitated with the H K Kejriwal Young Artist Award in 2008 and All India National Award by the National Literacy Mission, Government of India, the young artist is also a guest lecturer at the College of Art. His work has been part of many workshops and exhibitions all over India including India Art Fair 2013. Commissioned by the Lok Sabha and the Metro Project, Anant is based in Delhi and works from his studio in the city.

Anant Kumar Mishra art works