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7 March 2018

Meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Feb 16th 2018

On Friday 16th February Mahaprabhu dasa, Director of MOSA, met with Prime Minister Modi in his Residency. Mahaprabhu dasa together with the author of the book […]
15 December 2016

Photos: Screening Indian Embassy Brussels, Dec 15th 2016

“Studios of Devotion”, a film directed by celebrated film maker Shri Gautam Ghose was screened at the Embassy of India, Brussels – See more at:
7 December 2016

Photos: Art 4 All Screening of Studios of Devotion, Dec 7th 2016

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Initiated by Martin Gurvich Founder and Director of MOSA, the project revolves around a special collection and curated exhibition of Indian art. With its focus on the spiritual and the devotional, it engages with continuity and change as reflected in various faiths, ideologies and cultures across the country. The collection and the exhibition features original and recent works of Indian art – the traditional, folk, popular, and contemporary. The inclusive project celebrates across the board creativity within devotional genre, while it also aims to promote social cohesion, and the principle of Vasudev kutambakam” or live and let live”. An illustrated book, a specially made film, and a festival of performances and other associated events form an integral part of the project.


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