11 September 2014

Capturing the devotion

The film is about ‘nature’ of devotion. Published on: 11.09.2014
10 September 2014

Gautam Ghose shooting in Jaipur

Represents art style of 8 artist in the film. Published on: 10.09.2014
28 July 2014

Faith in Focus

Arts in the pipeline is a multi-disciplinary project that will demonstrate the comfortable co-existence of the past and the present. Published on: 28.07.2014
28 July 2014

Veer Arjun

Published on: 28.07.2014
13 July 2014

Devotion in Art

A museum in Belgium is to introduce the world to rich Indic spiritual art traditions through a travelling exhibition called Forms Of Devotion. Published on: 13.07.2014