Meeting with Prime Minister Modi, Feb 16th 2018

On Friday 16th February Mahaprabhu dasa, Director of MOSA, met with Prime Minister Modi in his Residency. Mahaprabhu dasa together with the author of the book Sushma Bahl and the Co-Curator of the Show presented the PM a copy of Forms of Devotion- The Spiritual in Indian Art a two-volume set book published by MOSA.
He spoke with the PM about the possibility of presenting the Exhibit Forms of Devotion in a European City to coincide with the visit of the PM in the future. The Museum of Sacred Art which is based in Radhadesh, Belgium has helped the Prime Minister’s Office find good art from artists that are part of the Museum’s Collection to gift world leaders when he travels abroad. Also, many beautiful art pieces are presented in the PM’s Residence.