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Forms of Devotion

The inclusive and landmark Forms of Devotion project offers a unique opportunity to interested sponsors to join in and thereby help promote social co-hesion. In today’s multicultural but strife ridden Glo-cal context, the holistic project assumes a special significance. While it presents and promotes diverse Indian artistic endevours from around the country on an international platform, it also supports non-violence and spiritual upliftment for mutual trust amongst people and societies. Given the inherent ability of the arts to bind the mind and the spirit, the platform is especially appropriate for the ‘other’ and the ‘self’ to co-habit in harmony with each other.

While the works for the exhibition and the collection have been paid for generously by Martin Gurvich, additional funding support and sponsorship is being sought to support the ambitious project particularly for the exhibition to tour various museums around the world and for the book publication and the film to be completed to highest standards. The project of this large scale will help sponsors reach a large across-the-board audiences in various continents of the world, and their logos and contribution will get recorded for history in the illustrated book and the film that promise to be a collectors delight. State organisations, foundations and businesses who support this unique initiative, will be given due credit and an agreed number of the high quality book along with DVD of the film to present to their clients. Their support is invited in three broad categories platinum, gold and silver sponsorship, though fuller details can be discussed and agreed through discussion with each sponsor to make the partnership mutually beneficial.

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