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Yamuna Devi

Yamuna Devi (1915- 2011), born at Jitwapur in Bihar, was the first untouchable among the Mithila women painters to be honoured with a National Award. Yamuna Devi’s works are easily recognized for her use of double lines in each form and motif. The face appears as a recurrent feature and a lei motif in her art. The repetitive play of the face and in some cases multiple faces, in various modes and nuances, reinforces the evocative power of her work. They fill the space and become an allegory of the moon or the sun with lines, circles, and dots, suggesting the circling of stars. The immaculately laid black lines remind one of the kohl prepared from oil-wick lamps by rural mothers in India and applied around the eyes of their newborn babies. Some of her work also features adorable pranks of baby Krishna. Working mostly on paper, she created imagery filled with deities as well as human and animal forms, all of them exuding a somewhat tantric aura. Yamuna Devi was also the first recognized Harijan artist, President and Master Artist of Mithila Painting and was honoured by SEWA. She also supported other women of her region in their creative work.

Yamuna Devi art works

Pigments on Paper 58x82 cm