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Vivek Vilasini

Born in 1964 at Trichur, Kerala, Vivek Vilasini trained as a Marine Radio Officer at the All India Marine College in Kochi, followed by a Bachelor’s degree in Political Science from Kerala University before turning to his passion for art. He trained in art and learnt sculpting from traditional Indian craftspeople and finally took to digital media and photography for his creative expressions. This versatile artist’s work explores our existing social structures and issues around cultural identity in today’s continually changing global scenario. His paintings, sculptures, large-format photographs, digital work, and mixed media are research based art, soaked in conceptual language, and make telling visual expressions around contemporary society. The differing ideologies, influences and interests are layered with irony to evoke the consciousness of the viewer. With solo and group shows at Trivandrum, Delhi, Bangalore and Kochi, his work has also featured in important shows abroad, including those held at the Art Chicago Fair 2009 and an exhibition at Cincinnati, besides the prestigious Indian Highway exhibition held at the Serpentine Gallery in London and at Astrup Fearnley Museum of Modern Art, Oslo, Norway, ‘Arco 08’ at Madrid, and Gandhi show in London. Vivek lives and works in Bangalore.

Vivek Vilasini art works

Include me Out II
Include me Out II
Digital Print on Acid Free Paper 152x162x3.8 cm