V. Ramesh

Born in 1958 in Andhra Pradesh, V Ramesh did his graduation and postgraduation in Fine Arts from MS University, Baroda after which he moved to Visakhapatnam to teach Fine Arts at the Andhra University. Maintaining a balance between his teaching work and his own artistic practice, Ramesh enjoys both, each experience sustaining and nourishing the other. Mythological and other narratives as well as literary texts and poetry inspire his painterly renderings – often in large scale. His art meanders around his philosophical leanings to recreate a dream world of landscapes where animals and human beings co-exist. Broad colourful brush strokes and thick lines, intertwined with grazing, and text characterize his work, evocative of faith, and Zen feel with a meditative appeal. Recipient of a Fellowship from the Ministry of Culture, and Sanskriti Award, Ramesh’s work has been exhibited in several solo as well as group shows across the country and beyond, including at the recent India Art Fair. He has also participated in some important art camps. V. Ramesh lives and works out of Visakhapatnam.

V. Ramesh art works

Painted Hymns 2
Painted Hymns 2
Oil on Canvas 90 x 120 cm
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