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Qamar Dagar

Born in Delhi, into a family of renowned classical musicians of India, Qamar Dagar is also drawn to the visual arts, writing and reading of poetry, both in Hindi and Urdu, besides music. Hazrat Amir Abdullah Khan, her spiritual and Calligraphy guide, has been the greatest influence on the life and work of this multi-talented artist. Following her graduation in Sociology from the University of Delhi, she was inspired to work in calligraphy by Paris based Iraqi master calligrapher Hassan Massoudy while Mohammad Elbaz of Morocco, helped her cultivate a deeper understanding of the art form. Her work engages with a letter from a chosen word or theme as the focal point, giving it interesting shapes and placement of vowels in the script with colours and other features. Fascinated by the world of letters, the physical features of alphabets get translated into pictorial forms and individually designed written word forms turn into living entities. Part of prominent private collections in India, France, and the USA, her work has been featured in exhibitions held in Indian metros as well as abroad, including during the Sacred Arts Festival in Delhi, Sufi Rang Festival at Ajmer Sharif, MF Hussain Art Gallery, and in France as part of Akshara at Unesco House. She has also represented India at the International Calligraphy Festival in Iran. The artist lives and works from Delhi.

Qamar Dagar art works

An Noor
An Noor
Acrylic on Paper 107 x 77 cm