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Piyush Sharma

Born in 1974 in Baroda, Gujarat, Piyush Sharma is the great grandson of legendary master artist Gopilal Sharma. He grew up in the temple city of Nathdwara and learnt to paint Pichhwais at a young age under the tutelage of his father Kanhaiyalal. Piyush has a fine hand in drawing and colouring and his imagery is inundated primarily with devotional themes though he also paints other subjects and portraits. His work has been exhibited in many shows in various Indian cities. He also conducts workshops for those interested in learning the art form. A socially active artist, he heads the gowd young artists society in Nathwara where he is based.

Piyush Sharma art works

Bhagavan Kurma
Bhagavan Kurma
Pigments on Cardboard 35x25 cm