Neeraj Goswami

Born in 1964 at Patna, Neeraj Goswami received his Bachelor’s and Master’s Degrees in Fine Arts from Delhi College of Art, where he also taught for a while before embarking on a career as a fulltime painter. Neeraj, one of the most collectible painters amongst his contemporaries, has a special facility in oil as a medium. The artist works diligently in layers to build astonishing tones and textures that give his work its peculiar luminosity and palette. In a mix of narrative and abstract renderings, his paintings project a delightful image with undertones of a detached and somewhat sublime ambience and an interplay of joy and sorrow, meditation and loneliness. Working on different planes, he creates figuration that seems bound in planar structures. There is an appearance of contentment and inner stirring in his overlapping and multi-layered imagery within the pictorial space. Winner of several prestigious accolades, including the Bharat Bhavan Award at the Second Biennale of Contemporary Indian Art, Neeraj has also executed some murals and commissioned portraits. His work has been exhibited in several solos and group shows in different cities of India as well in Paris, New York and London and is held in some important public and private collections in India and abroad. He lives and works in New Delhi.

Neeraj Goswami art works

Crossing the River
Crossing the River
Oil on Canvas 122x92 cm
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