Narayan Chandra Sinha

Born in 1977, Narayan Chandra Sinha completed his Bachelor’s in Science from University of Calcutta. The self-taught artist hails from a business family dealing in automobile parts that lives in Nalhati, Birbhum. He grew up playing with accumulated auto-related junk, which has turned into a serious pursuit as he became an installation artist. Using junk automobile parts, metal drums, fuel tanks of kerosene stoves, utensils and more, his art is all about recycling, and celebrating beauty. Combining furniture and ritual with daily use objects, including fabric and hangings, locks and pots as well as scrap material, his imaginative creations come interwoven with traditional ritualistic practices and modernist technology, presenting the local culture within global perspective. Though known more for his iconic installations, the artist’s repertoire also includes paintings. Following his first exhibition in 2000 at Mumbai, he has held over 12 solo shows of his works, besides group exhibitions in various Indian metros. Narayan Chandra Sinha lives and works in Kolkata.

Narayan Chandra Sinha art works

Metal, Wood & Bronze Casting 127 x 127 x 229 cm
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