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Manoj Dutta

Born in 1956 at Kolkata, Manoj Dutta is a self-taught artist whose work is reflective of the traditional two-dimensional format of Indian folk art. His paintings and pastels feature stylized images and look deceptively simple, though coated in a luminous palette. The subtle textures and variations of tone and shade help to enhance the imagery. The blue, red, violet or ochre enlarges into a fine symphony of designed compositions with depth and detail. His delineation of images, whether with pen or brush, is similarly simple, fluent and eloquent. They stand out against muted backgrounds, receding artfully behind cross-hatching of lines, or freezing mid-movement. The mood can be whimsical, tranquil or nostalgic. The artist has had several exhibitions in India and abroad. He has also been a part of many workshops including those organized by HUDCO Delhi and Max Mueller Centre in Kolkata. Manoj lives and works in Kolkata.

Manoj Dutta art works

Tempera on Board 79x51 cm