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Kishore Mashe

Born in 1984 at Ganjad village in Maharashtra, Kishore Sadashiv Mashe is the grandson of legendary Warli master Jivya Soma Mashe. Kishore has been painting since childhood and learnt the living art form as practiced by his family and other members of the Warli community, who find the time to create these compositions in the middle of their everyday routines and preoccupations such as farming, and raising their families. Kishore, who works as a schoolteacher during the day, paints in the evenings. Inspired by folklore, tribal deities, rituals and celebrations, his work comes in intricate geometric patterns, stick figures and line work marked for its sobriety. Stories and imageries are painted on mud walls and cow dung treated surfaces with charcoal, rice paste or gerue, a red earth pigment, and are in all cases mixed with water and a little glue to make them long lasting. The artist also paints on raw canvas with acrylic and signs his work in Devnagari. Kishore lives within the extended family in his village and works from home.

Kishore Mashe art works

Pigments on cloth 52x32 cm