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Jaba Chitrakar

Jaba Chitrakar born in the 60s in rural Bengal learnt to create mats and utilitarian objects with straw as a child while helping her elders at home. It was only after she got married to Mantu that she learnt the art of making pattachitrabase. Encouraged by him, she started to draw and paint later. Her narratives spring from folk stories and mythology and take on eventful and layered renderings. Episodes are featured in colorful sequences like snippets in a play that are then enhanced with music and singing as they are unfolded. She gives the ancient art form a contemporary twist by adding newer elements in her imagery. Feminist concerns and issues around dowry are featured in her work that also entails folk history and religious epics and characters. Jaba’s work has been exhibited in various Indian metros as well as in shows abroad. She helps her husband run his art workshop while also managing her home and hearth.

Jaba Chitrakar art works

Goddess Durga Subdues Mahisha
Goddess Durga Subdues Mahisha
Pigments on Paper 92x76 cm