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A. Venkateswarulu

A. Venkateswarulu hails from a family of traditional kalamkari artists’ community of Srikalahasti. He learnt the art form as a child and refined it further by training at the local school. His paintings come as art panels, often depicting imgery inspired by the ‘the tree of life’ concept and mythology. Bursting with beauty the imagery entails symbols of life. He has also painted several murals and imagery based on Christian themes. With talent and skill his paintings are done on canvas made out of coth which is treated first with water then milk, and subsequently sketched by hand, using burnt tamarind twigs to get a wheatish shine. The colours used are vegetable dyes and primarily in earthy hues- pomegranate reds, leaf greens, wing blacks and Krishna blues to create works of beauty. Featuring gods, local myths and legends his work celebrates and keeps alive the tradition.

A. Venkateswarulu art works

Natural dyes on cotton cloth 122x193 cm